Ship your custom APIs in minutes, not weeks

Tailor Platform is a backend platform that enables developers to create tailor-made business tool backends that perfectly match their unique requirements, amazingly fast.

As easy as 1-2-3


Pick a template

Pick a template

All of our ERP templates are run on the Tailor Platform.


Follow the instructions in the console

Pick a template

Instant API Creation:

From Schema to API in 60 Seconds

Tailor Platform generates CRUD APIs that supports search, sort, filter, pagination out of the box. Data validations, default and computed values, relationships, and nested fields are supported. With Tailor Platform, developers can create tailor-made business tool backends that perfectly match their unique requirements, amazingly fast.


You now have the up-and-running headless ERP application of your own, with the local repository to start customizing it

Pick a template

Not Just CRUD:

Embed and Execute Custom Business Logic

Tailor PF provides multiple ways for exposing existing or new business logic in your domain.

1. Pipeline

Tailor Platform enables efficient business logic execution using Pipeline - a workflow of GraphQL requests and scripting. Developers can conveniently define sequences, apply data transformations at each step, use conditions, and expose it to end users as custom APIs.

2. Event Triggers

Whenever an API endpoint is called or there's a change in the upstream database, Tailor Platform can capture such events and trigger a custom script to execute within the Tailor Platform. Scheduled event (like cron job) can be set too.

3. State Machine

Tailor Platform simplifies handling record states for approval workflows or automated processes. It offers a schema-defined state machine, record-level authorization, and a GraphQL API for seamless state interaction.

Integrate & Unite:

Merge with SaaS and Existing Systems

Tailor Platform is designed to work alongside existing systems and SaaS solutions, providing APIs for seamless interaction. A custom application built on Tailor Platform can function as a subsystem within an existing ERP or serve as a single source of truth for other systems.

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With Tailor Platform, you can build powerful, custom business apps that meet your unique needs in just three easy steps. Start building your apps today and experience the benefits of a fully customizable headless ERP.