Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every company to deploy and execute ideas quickly. Customize Tailor with low code to match your unique needs, integrate with tools you love, and easily adapt to new technologies as they come.
Tailor is where Simplicity meets Scalability.


Tailor Platform, a fully composable headless ERP solution

Tailor is a backend solution that enables companies to construct custom, high-quality headless ERP systems efficiently and with minimal coding. With an adaptable framework that's SOC2 certified, it integrates easily with existing systems—all while offering clear, methodical workflows to handle complex business tasks.

Flexibility and Customizability

Tailor's separation of back-end and front-end allows businesses to customize user interfaces without modifying core ERP functions.

Integrate with tools you love

We can easily integrate with any tools, thanks to our API-driven nature.

Cost-Effective Setup and Maintenance

The setup of a decoupled front-end and back-end is streamlined and efficient, simplifying implementation and updates, and reducing the effort and resources required.

Future Proofing your Investment

By adopting a headless architecture, businesses can future-proof their ERP systems. As new technologies and platforms emerge, Tailor can easily adapt to change.

Founding Story

Tailor Founding Story Image

In the world of business solutions, a realization dawned—traditional ERP systems, the likes of SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite, had their limitations, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Picture this: platforms filled with a plethora of features and intricate user interfaces that, instead of simplifying, introduced inefficiencies and raised costs for users.

And so, Tailor emerged—a beacon of innovation crafted at Y Combinator. The founders, Yo and Misato, seasoned entrepreneurs with a successful retail-tech venture under their belts, understood the struggles of businesses navigating the complexities of ERP systems. Yo, a three-time-acquired serial entrepreneur with a McKinsey background, joined forces with Misato, the former head of R&D at Mercari, to bring Tailor to life.

Acknowledging the hurdles faced by scaling businesses, Tailor was devised to sidestep the need for constant overhauls, offering a smooth and efficient alternative. As the inaugural YC company fully based in Japan, the dedication is set on reshaping how businesses tackle backend development. Tailor isn't just a solution; it embodies innovation and practicality in the dynamic realm of enterprise technology.

Our Offices

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San Francisco

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