Composable Headless ERP

to build your tailor-made business apps


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Flexible Templates

Flexible Templates

Build tailored ERP solutions by just modifying the Schema in our Templates.

GraphQL endpoint

GraphQL endpoint

Our GraphQL-based API boosts frontend flexibility and efficiency and integrates with external systems quickly.

Ship APIs in Minutes

Ship APIs in Minutes

Schema-defined APIs, fully-managed scalable hosting, and other key features for efficient ERP development.

Build Your APIs in Minutes with Our ERP Application Templates

Do you want to streamline your business processes but don't have the time to build the tools from scratch? Look no further than our collection of headless ERP application templates. From inventory management to CRM, we offer templates that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Our templates are designed to be user-friendly and easy to customize. And with our responsive customer support team available to answer any questions you may have, you can feel confident in your API development.

Start building your APIs today and take your business to the next level with our ERP application templates.

Customizable Headless CRM

query {
leads {
collection {
company Name
contact {
data: [
companyName: "tailor",
stage: "Open",
dealAmount: "8000",
leadSource: "Email",
contact: {
name: "John",
email: "",
phone: "562-334-0012"

Developer-Friendly Platform to build Tailor-made Business Application Backend

All of our ERP templates are run on the Tailor Platform. Tailor Platform is a backend platform that enables developers to create tailor-made business tool backends that perfectly match their unique requirements, amazingly fast.

1. Instant API Creation:

From Schema to API in 60 Seconds

2. Not Just CRUD:

Embed and Execute Custom Business Logic

3. Integrate & Unite:

Merge with SaaS and Existing Systems


Steps to experience Tailor’s possibilities


Pick your template

Choose from our collection of headless ERP application templates, including inventory management, CRM, and more.


Customize the schema

Our fully customizable data model allows you to tailor your business app without requiring any programming. By customizing the schema to fit your use cases, you can create a tailor-made business app that meets all your unique requirements.


Your API is ready

Once you've customized the schema, your API is ready to go! Our GraphQL endpoint makes it easy for developers to design, develop, and deploy features and integrations quickly. Plus, with our fully managed functions and API endpoints, you can deploy and manage your apps with ease.

Build your tailor-made business app

With Tailor Platform, you can build powerful, custom business apps that meet your unique needs in just three easy steps. Start building your apps today and experience the benefits of a fully customizable headless ERP.



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